AirSnore™ Mouthpiece

Better Sleep

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Poor quality sleep does nobody any favours. And when this is because you are snoring every night and you don’t even realise it, you might blame your irritability and daytime tiredness on everything else including the weather.

Now there’s an INSTANT way to stop snoring and get your life back – a special mouthpiece brought to you by Air Snore.

  • No Special Fitting
  • No pain or discomfort
  • Immediate effect
  • Low-cost solution

The Air Snore mouthpiece allows you to breathe freely while you are asleep so you won’t snore. When your airway becomes narrower for whatever reason, the air is trying to push through a smaller gap which causes the snoring sound. Imagine a balloon you’ve blown up but not tied off – if you let the air out slowly rather than all at once, it squeaks!

This is similar to what’s happening to your airway when it’s restricted. Breathe properly, sleep better – and without annoying your partner!

The Air Snore mouthpiece is a simple but effective, low-cost device. It’s a real alternative to painful, sometimes unsuccessful surgery or heavy duty breathing apparatus. You don’t even need to get it fitted by your dentist and it will be ready for use in only a few minutes.


Snoring can lead to some serious long-term health issues. To start with, you run the risk that you actually stop breathing at times. This is called obstructive sleep apnoea. You know what happens when you try to hold your breath – so you can imagine this causing high blood pressure and heart strain over time. You will also suffer from low blood oxygen in the lungs. Air Snore prevents this from happening.

Apart from this, you need sufficient deep sleep and dream sleep (REM) for your body to get to work making all the necessary repairs and maintenance to your organs and tissues, and for your brain to refresh. When you snore, you can wake up many times during the night without even realizing it. It may be only for a split second each time, but it denies your body its full quota of deep sleep AND dream sleep. The result? Wake up stressed, still tired and with a headache. Long term, this can lead to obesity, depression, a reduced immune system and severe lack of energy.



Quite simply, the Air Snore mouthpiece moulds itself to the inside of your mouth and once correctly in place, it moves your jaw a little to open the upper airway and allow you to breathe more easily. Without restriction, there is no longer any vibration set up as you breathe in and out, causing you to snore. Peace at last for anyone around you and a peaceful, restful sleep for you too. Wake up refreshed and ready to face the day!

The Air Snore mouthpiece is easy to fit to your mouth before you use it for the first time. Let it stand in hot water for a few minutes to soften, then following the instructions carefully, place it inside your mouth and bite down on it while it cools and moulds itself to the inside of your mouth in an exact fit. Not quite right? Don’t worry – you can start again. If it is uncomfortable in use, moves once in place or otherwise doesn’t seem to be doing its job then simply repeat the process until it is perfect.


Many denture wearers can use the Air Snore mouthpiece successfully, but it depends on your particular situation. The same goes if you have teeth missing. In this case you should ask your dentist about using the Air Snore mouthpiece. If you are given assurance that it is suitable in your case, you can go ahead and make your purchase with confidence.

Don’t let wearing dentures or having missing teeth put you off trying the Air Snore mouthpiece until you have discussed it with your dentist – you could be missing out on a good night’s sleep for no reason!


We think you will be delighted with your Air Snore mouthpiece but in a very few cases it doesn’t suit for some reason. No problem – we offer a 60-day money back guarantee! Simply send it back within 60 days for a refund.

The Air Snore mouthpiece brings an end to snoring in a safe and effective way so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep with all the natural health benefits that brings.

  • No Snoring
  • Sound Breathing
  • Peaceful Sleep
  • No Disturbing Others

Air Snore is not a dietary supplement thus no ingredients.

Insert AirSnore mouthpiece and sleep well.


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